Internal Lenses

Some patients have high degrees of myopia or hyperopia, reaching 10 or 20 degrees…These patients cannot have the regular laser or lasik which can only treat 8 or 9 degrees safely…Other patients have 6 or 8 degrees  but have thin corneas, whether due to  genetics, or due to keratoconus or long term contact lens wear..These patients also cannot have the regular laser or lasik because  thin corneas might become thinner and weaker after treatment..

For all these patients the best solution is insertion of an internal lens, called ICL or Artisan, basically an implantable soft lens like the contact lens used normally by patients..

These lenses are inserted behind the cornea  easily in a 3 minute procedure..The  procedure is  painless,  safe, FDA approved for 15 years now, and the patients will enjoy the best vision ever , better than their glasses or contacts…