Eye Surgeries

Types of surgeries

Dr. Haddad is a highly trained sub-specialist in corneal and refractive surgery , and most of his clinical practice concentrates around the following surgeries;

  • LASIK / Laser/ PRK / Femtolasik for treatment of Myopia / Astigmatism/ Hyperopia/ Presbyopia. Basically helping people to get rid of their eyeglasses and see well without them, using a technology which uses light to remodel the corneal surface in few seconds. The procedure is bloodless, painless and very safe and has been FDA approved for almost 25 years now.
  • Keratoconus Surgeries: Rings(Intacs, kerarings, Ferrara etc)
  • UV Crosslinking ( Avedro)
  • Corneal transplantation (PKP/DALK etc..)
  • Cataract Surgery:  removing the blurry lens using sophisticated microinstrumentation and insertion of  advanced premium IOLs, the newest generation  lenses which correct far and near and astigmatism etc…( Multifocals, Trifocls, Extended DOF, Pseudoaccomodative, Toric, Yellow etc..)
  • Corneal Transplantation: PKP/DSEK/DALK etc… This surgery involves removing the patient,s cornea and transplanting another cornea from a human donor- one of the most successful forms of organ donation… All or part of the cornea is exchanged depending on the disease. Patients usually have abnormal corneas from Keratoconus or Herpes scars or previous Cataract SurgeriesPBK/ABK so the transplantation graft can be full thickness or partial thickness depending on the case.
  • Amniotic Membrane Transplantation: This biological tissue is harvested from the placenta of a recently delivered mother/baby and is used as a biological patch in ophthalmology and many other specialties…It has infinite amount of fetal growth factors with  tremendous anti inflammatory /regenerative/ healing   In eye surgery , it is commonly used to improve success rates of corneal transplantation/ pterygium removal/ corneal ulcers/perforations etc (inlay/onlay techniques) .